Our Theology program is designed it reinforce your faith through solid understandings of major Biblical doctrines.

TH 5193 The Gospel of the Kingdom

This course shows clearly that the theme of the coming Kingdom of God was the message of our Lord’s ministry and mission. The teachings of Jesus were designed to show men how they might enter and later to expand the Kingdom of God

TH 5115 Evangelical Theology

Based on the book, Evangelical Theology by theologian Karl Barth which came from a series of lectures, Barth outlines what it means to do theology. He begins by outlining four components of the context of theology. He then treats four characteristics of a theologian. After that, four threats to theology are listed. Finally, four essential components of theological work are listed. Central to the work are Spirit, faith, hope, and love, the final components of each section. As one would expect, central elements of Barthian theology are present. The Word of God and the community of faith are central to the theological endeavor. God is the ultimate object of theology, rather than humanity. This is an excellent introduction to Barth. It is also a good way to begin theological exploration.