These courses are designed to enhance your knowledge and love of the Word of God.

BN 5143 Acts of the Apostles

In the Acts of the Apostles course, Rev. Paul Johansson examines the book of Acts, chapter by chapter, as a divinely inspired guide for church growth. Starting with a vivid perspective of the early church and combining it with his own extensive experience, Rev. Johansson gives both positive and negative case-study style examples of church planting, and maturing, as well as the many difficulties that can come with growing the body of Christ. (Student will use the “Book of Acts” Workbook along with the audio sessions.)

BS 0513 Gifts & Callings of God

This course was originally taught by Dr. Harold Vick, founder of Jacksonville Theological Seminary, and was one of his primary studies to help each person know their gift and calling.   We will be using his 12-CD set from which the 100 questions were written.  The course primarily deals with the motivational gifts of Romans 12:6-8 that everybody has been endowed with and each Christian needs to know.  There is also a short companion book with this study: How Could God Best Use You? which presents the foundation of his teachings.